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AtapX comes as inovative solutions for every man or company to face any problem in tehconolgy. AtapX is a company with profesional programmer, designer, technician and scientist who make various useful products to boost streamline human work. We enter in various fields of work, agriculture, trade, health, education and many more. In our solution is related to:

Web Development

A website can representation more than a reality. We can give a big prespective to your customer about your idea.

UI/UX Design

Design not just about cool, elegant but simplicity and usability. Our designer will help you create simple product and easy to use

Mobile App

No Need to create Mobile App without a powerfull function. Bring prowerfull functions with us, and give your customer enjoy and helpfullness.

IOT System

This time is internet time. Don’t let yourself be left behind, start making IoT systems for your work, we will help you

Some Interisting Facts
About Us

We have a wide range of system information and iot tecnology to implemanting in any industry and company needs.

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Some project of us

Our Project Story

We have a wide range of field can be cover with our technology, and this we share some of theme

Buaya-instrument Cashier

01. -
Buaya-instrument Cashier

Cashier Offline-Online for Opencart

If you have a lot offline customer but need to manage your stock product with online, you need to start build the database online. But in some reason you still need the cashier can work in offline mode, like as faster load, more realiable etc. In this project we create a cashier offline but the datasbase is online and at several time/day the database can syncronize. We create this application to opencart because the client already has an ecommerce website using Opencart. With Opencart plus this plugin you can build online and offline market without limitation of place.Details +

Shafa The Drugstore

02. -

Drugstore Application

In 2018, we started our steps in the health sector. We create an application for drugstore, the application is web base and using Opencart as framework. In this time we learn how to make stockopname and give every product an expired time. Not only that we improve our UX and UI, we create a GUI system where no mouse just keyboard. Then because a drugstore has so many items, they need to import database product in excel to mysql database, so in this time we can create an excel importing system. Excel importing system give a client more efficient time and cut so many time to enter one by one a product.Details +
Shafa The Drugstore

Fusion Resto Order

03. -
Fusion Resto Order

Resto Order Application

In modern restaurant, it is important to have an IT-based ordering system, it is not only to record every order but to streamline work, reduce order time, and maximize potential by knowing consumer data. At restaurant we have an application to record the order of every table, because of that every single addition made by the table must be include to the same order. Different to other commerce, restaurant dont have limit of product, they just have a menu without quantity. So to make a report, restaurant just sum their money received and reduce to their expense. At expense there is no charge to every menu, but the charge is for all menu, because every item can be raw materials for others menu.    Details +


04. -

Goverment Project

This year we get first project in goverment, where we create an e-gov application with web base. Our application is used for collect data from kelurahan, kecamatan and region. After collect the data will be will be analyzed by professional analyst and this report will be used to make public policy. We happy to help our goverment to create better nation. Jakarta is representative of indonesia, so if the development of Jakarta is better then indonesia as well.Details +
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Our Youtube Channel

We upload our documentation, tutorial, and info in youtube channel, so you can feel relax and easy to using our product. In our channel you can also upgrade your skill with our education video. Get now and subcribe

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//How I Work

How i Work

My Working Process

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  • Discuss the project

    Brainstroming is a Good Method

    Discuss the project with client to get all information, what is the goal, process and feature. You can all give us the general color, or spirit of the project so we can give the suit color for that.


  • Develop & elaborate

    Detail is Prefect.

    To get a prefect thing we must elaborate the project, after that develop every single part. In develop we discuss the new techonology and  choose the most efficient of that.


  • Final approvement

    Client is King

    After every develop we have done, its not important if the client dislike it, the final approvement is key to end our work, if not the work is continue. Review make us better and better



Our team Code and Design Skills

We have professional team with high skills to give you a quality product. If you problem is design we have designer, if you problem is code we have programmer and if you problem is electrical we have engineer. Don't worry about your problem, we are here to help you


Design Skills

In many thing, frontend is more important than backend. We know that so we hire an excelent designer to give more beautifull touch in our product
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Programmer Skills

We have professional programmer where strong in several programming language and experience in many programming frameworks
02. -

Engineer Skills

Our engineer specializes in manufacturing IoT systems, with electrical, sensor, instrument and control skill
03. -






Our Clients and Testimonials

We happy if our customer is happy, so their testimonials is good for us, whatever they said

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